Upland Avenue



Upland Avenue Productions is a portfolio of businesses and investments aligned to support and promote independent literary brands. The publishing landscape is changing where writers desire more creative and financial control. Because of this, we are meeting the needs of the next generation of authors. Authors who are guiding the ship of their own careers and are only short of a few essentials. We have over 10 years of experience providing marketing direction for the literary industry. Our Strategy Sessions are devoted to long-term development and growth. We work with you to develop a successful marketing strategy, craft a niche for your brand that garners attention and positions your brand for growth and partnerships. Our other ventures are:

Story Bar our private community of inspiration, education, and collaboration for writers and publishing professionals. Join the conversation through the United app and connect with authors around the world.

United our first-of-it’s-kind mobile directory, closing the divide between independent writers and the publishing industry. Our rapidly growing app focuses on innovation, flexibility and cross-platform publishing resources.

Candy Shoppe is a luxury bookstore carrying rare books, as well as, a great selection of independent books. We have a robust search engine that can source just about any book you desire.

Young Girls Write pioneers the next generation of women thinkers. We provide the skills and platform necessary for minority girls to cultivate their passion for writing through mentoring, internships, and tuition assistance towards a degree in a Liberal Arts field.

Knowing that the needs of independent writers are ever changing, Upland Avenue Productions adapts to those needs and continues to push the culture forward.


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